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The legal team here at FortmanSpann, LLC understands that when someone starts a business, they put a lot on the line, and deserve to have their efforts rewarded. One of the best ways to ensure your business’s interests are protected is by starting or joining a franchisee association. Continue reading and contact the franchisee associations attorneys from our firm to learn more about these associations and how they can benefit your business.

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As a business owner, your top priorities are making a profit and providing your customers with quality service while doing it. Unfortunately, franchisees frequently will get in the way of that to serve their own interests. By joining or starting a franchisee association, you and other associations can band together and ensure your voices are heard. Our nationwide franchise law attorneys can help you form, join, or utilize a franchisee association.

What is a Franchisee Association?

Franchisee associations consist of a group of franchisees within a franchise system who come together independent of the franchisor. Franchisee associations serve a variety of functions. The association allows franchisees to learn from each other about best practices that increase their profitability. Franchisee associations can also allow members to obtain better pricing with vendors on things such as telephone service, credit card processing, printing, website development, and many other services necessary in operating their businesses. The association allows the franchisees to pool their resources and gives them a voice with the franchisor. As the old adage states: There’s power in numbers.

Why FortmanSpann, LLC?

We are experienced in all aspects of franchisee associations from organizing franchisees into an association to approaching the franchisor to discuss concerns of the franchisees in an existing franchise association. We are part of the Association of Franchisees and Dealers’ (AAFD) Legal Line and sponsor of the AAFD’s annual meeting. (link to AAFD below) Our extensive experience in representing franchisees versus the franchisor allows us to provide franchisees and franchisee associations with comprehensive legal counsel, including practical advice and strategic solutions unique to the particular franchise system.

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We believe that every franchisee deserves strong legal support when faced with issues from their franchisor. If you are a franchisee in a system without a current association or if your franchisee association is in need of legal consultation, we are here to help. We’ve guided countless clients through the process in the past, and we’re prepared to assist you as well. Simply contact FortmanSpann, LLC today for a free, confidential consultation.