Business Law Attorney Florissant MO

Business and commercial litigation is often both a business and legal problem. At FortmanSpann we understand both. We combine our years of professional legal experience and skill with our business acumen and practical understanding of the business world. While our goal is to help clients avoid litigation altogether, we are always prepared if litigation can’t be avoided. Contact us at FortmanSpann, LLC and we can help connect you to a St. Louis County business law attorney.

Lawsuits are public records, creating potential public relation issues for companies. A company’s reputation is its most important asset. Lawsuits can damage reputations and cause financial damage by decreasing sales and increasing expenses. Effectively handling a dispute from its inception is critical to a company’s bottom line.

Do not take the “wait and see approach” to legal disputes. The first step is to contact us and we can help guide you to the right person for your matter.

Business litigation law can arise in numerous scenarios, involving a myriad of different types of legal issues that span across multiple industries. Therefore, businesses and individuals anticipating involvement in business litigation should seek the advice of litigation counsel experienced in business law.

Examples of business and commercial litigation:

  • Representing large and small companies in contract and business-to-business disputes
    • This includes things like supply agreements, franchise agreements, license agreements, leasing disputes, sales contracts, and more.
  • Enforcing or defending non-compete, non-solicitation, and related employment agreements
    • Litigation involving non-compete issues involve contracts in which employees agree not to compete with an employer for a period of time. Recently, non-compete litigation involving those contracts has increased. Non-compete agreements can include a variety of covenants, from not soliciting business from a former employer’s customers to not disclosing confidential information.
    • Properly drafted non-compete agreements are crucial for enforceability and to provide adequate protection. The enforcement of these types of agreements are state specific and vary drastically from state-to-state.
  • Insurance disputes
    • Disputes regarding coverage of insurance arise when a provider refuses to cover a claim due to non-coverage, breach, or misinterpretation of the coverage/policy. These disputes often arise due to interpretation differences, ambiguity, burdens of proof, and numerous other issues.
  • Partnership disputes
    • Partnership disputes can arise for many reasons when two (or more) partners own a business together and work together. Some common causes of partnership disputes include:
      • Breach of fiduciary duty;
      • Failure to distribute work loads; and
      • Disputes over how resources (primarily financial) should be used.
  • Fraud disputes
    • Business fraud litigation can result in monetary damages, injunctive relief, potential disgorgement, as well as damage to the reputation of a business. This includes things like misrepresentation, fraudulent inducement, omission or non-disclosure, tortious interference, and fraud by a business partner