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The definition of a jury trial is:

a term used to describe a trial by jury that is different from a trial by a judge only.


The definition of a bench trial is:

the trial where the judge will find the facts and also apply the law instead of letting a jury decide the law.


What does that mean?

A bench trial, or trial by judge, means that only a judge will be present. The judge will listen to both sides present their case, evaluate the evidence, and rule on the matter at hand.

A jury trial, on the other hand, is decided by a jury, which is a group of people selected from the community in which the trial takes place. This does NOT mean that the jury can make rulings outside of the law. The judge will instruct the jury and provide them with information related to laws that are applicable to the case at hand. The judge will still be present in the courtroom and maintain order, but the verdict will ultimately be decided by the jury.