Several days ago I wrote about the case of Beautiful Brands, Inc. v. John Doe. I used the facts of that case to describe the corporate bullies we confront on a daily basis. I described how standing up to bullies causes them to back down 99% of the time. My client, John Doe a/k/a Sean Kelly stood up to the bully. Not only has the bully backed down, but is now crying like a baby. The corporate bully is now trying to portray Sean Kelly as the bully. Sean Kelly is far from a bully. He gave the bully every chance to knock off the playground tactics to no avail. The corporate bully knew that Sean Kelly was exposing the truth and tried to silence him by perverted use of the court system. However, by taking a stand, Sean Kelly has forced the bully into admitting its mistakes. Once again, I encourage anyone bullied by corporate thugs to stand up for what they know is right. Fight the fight knowing that truth is behind you. In the end, you will win. To those companies who think that these tactics are good business practice, I encourage you to consider changing your strategy. These tactics may work for a short period of time. However, if your goal is to have a viable business long-term, using threats and intimidation is not recommended. I can guarantee such tactics will ultimately lead to failure. Thanks for reading.