Small But MIGHTY

Our law firm is small. Currently, I am the only lawyer and I have a paralegal, Kelly Spann. However, Kelly is in her last semester of law school so by the end of 2021, we will be a two-attorney firm. We represent individual clients nationwide in litigation against corporations who have lawyers from firms with hundreds, if not thousands of lawyers. We have been successful against those big firms. We may be small, but we are also “Mighty.” There are several benefits to hiring a small firm like Fortman Law.

The first benefit is that we provide very personal service. Most of our cases are contingent fee cases meaning that you do not pay us by the hour. We only get paid if we get a recovery for you. Why is that important? Well, it means that you can call, email or text us at any time with questions or concerns without worrying about getting a bill from us for responding. We want to get to know our clients and want them to feel comfortable sharing information with us. You are not simply a number assigned in a system for purposes of generating bills.

The second benefit is that we can devote whatever time is needed to thoroughly prepare your case. We will never be outworked or outlawyered. We pride ourselves on doing thorough and extensive preparation of every case. As the saying goes, the “devil is in the details.” The rise in the use of technology in the legal world has helped level the playing field. For the most part, the days of having to review hundreds of thousands of hard copies of documents are gone. What used to take a staff of lawyers to review, can now be done by one attorney. Most documents are now produced electronically and can be reviewed quickly and efficiently using the right software.

The third benefit of hiring a small firm like Fortman Law is that you will be working directly with the attorney who will be in charge of your case from beginning to end. Nothing will be delegated to a junior associate who you may never meet. We utilize a team approach so that anyone on our staff can answer most questions or can find the answers quickly.

Finally, Fortman Law does not look at the law as a business. Instead, we view it as a profession in which we represent real people who may be at the lowest point of their life who simply need to know someone is willing to fight for them. All clients want someone willing to hear their story and walk with them side-by-side during their journey into a legal system which may be foreign and scary. We understand that need from the beginning and it guides our representation throughout the case. One thing we always keep in mind is that a law license identifies an attorney as both an attorney and a counselor at law. That places an awesome responsibility on us to provide truthful information, good and bad, to allow our clients to make the best possible decision for themselves and their family.

Overall, clients need to understand that the size of the law firm is not the most important consideration. You need to find an attorney who is committed to giving you the best possible representation. We work for you, not the other way around.

Fortman Law represents clients not only in Missouri, but also nationwide. We practice in the areas of franchise law, personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability and other complex disputes. Please contact us should you need to discuss any legal need. You can reach us by phone or, if easier, by email or through the contact section of our website.