If you have received a class action notice via email or US mail that you have been identified as a potential class action member and you ignored it or threw it away – then YOU HAVE THROWN AWAY MONEY!

These little notices often seem like junk mail or scams but they are NOT! They are notifying you that you (like everyone else in the class) have been harmed. In most cases you probably weren’t even aware of it but a harm has occurred to you nonetheless. The class action notice is making you aware of the harm. And letting you know that you are entitled to be compensated for the harm caused to you.

Yeah, but I’m sure it is only a couple bucks.

Maybe, but maybe not! Now personally, I wouldn’t even pass up on a couple bucks for filling out a form and returning it. However, some of these class settlements may entitle you to HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS. Interested now?

Okay, I received a notice, now what?

CONTACT FORTMAN LAW! We will review the notice and settlement for fairness, transparency, and more…FOR FREE! From there we will advise you of what the settlement entails (in plain English) and whether you should fill out the claim form or object to the settlement as inadequate. Ninety-eight percent of the time the settlements are fair and transparent and we will tell you to proceed with making the claim (this usually is as simple as filling out a basic form). If it is not fair or transparent, we will help you try to adjust the settlement on behalf of yourself and the rest of the class.

The Breakdown.

If you receive a notice of class action settlement via email or US Mail, forward the notice or a picture of the notice to us and we will review it for you free of charge! It is simple, easy, and compensation you are entitled to!