The Law Office of Jonathan E. Fortman has the best interest of all franchisees in mind with the recently filed case against AAMCO and American Capital. Some concerns of current franchisees were raised to us. They include, what is this going to do to the value of our business? Are we going to be able to sell? How do we salvage our investment? What does this mean for us?

The answer is…’re asking the wrong person. Those decisions are ENTIRELY up to AAMCO and how they decide to handle this case. Our goals include many things such as, amending the wrongs of the system to allow the system to run successfully for franchisees that want to stay in the system, allowing an out for those who want to leave, providing financial compensation for those who lost money because of the system, and much more. Our office approached AAMCO with all these concerns prior to filing the lawsuit. They were only concerned with handling situations piece meal as they have in the past. However, to successfully address the fraud of the system, the situation needs to be addressed for all, not just some.

On another note, we have already been in receipt of AAMCO’s bullying tactics that we lay out in the lawsuit. Please note, under no circumstances will we succumb to their threats. We filed this case because we are confident we are right and have enough information to prove it. Our law office has talked with hundreds of AAMCO franchise victims and is ready to fight this all the way to end if necessary.

For any additional questions, concerns, or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your attention to this matter.