Update: This case has concluded. We are no longer accepting clients.

A nationwide class action lawsuit has been filed against Instant Tax Services on behalf of thousands of Americans who have had their tax returns fraudulently prepared by Instant Tax. After having their tax returns deceptively prepared, the victims were also charged exorbitant, undisclosed fees and were forced to have their refund checks processed through Instant Tax Service’s corporate bank accounts.

Instant Tax preys on lower income families by luring them in with promises of fast refunds, rapid loans, and a “Triple Tax Guarantee.” Some examples of Instant Tax’s dishonest practices include:

  • Illegally filing taxes using only a check stub instead the W2 form as required by law

  • Using the personal information of loan applicants to file tax returns on their behalf without their consent

  • Storing personal information in order to file tax returns in subsequent years for previous clients without their consent

  • Entering false data and modifying tax returns without the client’s knowledge or consent.

The Law Office of Jonathan E. Fortman has filed a nationwide class action lawsuit against Instant Tax Service in the Southern District of Ohio, titled Lia Smith-Hutchinson, et al. vs. ITS Financial, LLC, Case # 3:13-cv-00192-WHR. The IRS has also filed suit against Instant Tax in the same district seeking a permanent injunction to enjoin defendants from ever preparing tax returns in the future due to similar charges. The Law Office of Jonathan E. Fortman aims to obtain justice for the victims, seeking damages in excess of $5,000,000.