Colorado Franchise Lawyer

Whether you’re looking to purchase a franchise, grow your franchise, or are having issues with your franchisor, you can turn to FortmanSpann, LLC to provide you with the skilled legal services you require. Over the years, our competent legal team has amassed decades of legal experience assisting clients through various franchise law matters, and we are prepared to put that experience to work for you. If you need a Colorado franchise lawyer you can trust, simply contact FortmanSpann, LLC today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Franchise Lawyer Serving Clients in Colorado

The state of Colorado offers prospective franchise owners a wide array of opportunities. Don’t attempt to tackle these critical opportunities without seasoned, skilled legal counsel in your corner. FortmanSpann, LLC was founded on the premise that prospective franchisees and experienced franchisees deserve strong representation in their corner, and since then, we’ve proudly helped countless individuals build and grow successful franchises across the state of Colorado.

Our Legal Services

FortmanSpann, LLC helps franchisees through each facet of the process, from starting their franchise, growing it, and dealing with untrustworthy franchisors. We are prepared to help you with the following:

  • Franchise Acquisition: If you’re just starting out and would like to build your own franchise from the ground up, turn to FortmanSpann, LLC.
  • Franchisee Litigation: FortmanSpann, LLC is proficient in a wide array of franchise litigation matters. We handle issues including breach of contract, encroachment, fraud, and various other issues that can potentially negatively impact your franchise’s future.
  • Franchisee Associations: If you’re a franchisee and are looking to come together with other franchisees independent of your franchisor, we can help you form a franchisee association and deal with any issues pertaining to your association.

The Importance of Hiring a Franchise Law Attorney

The process of building a franchise from the ground up can be daunting. Even if you’re already an established franchisee, having legal counsel in your corner to help ensure your business is running smoothly, and to assist you if or when it’s not, can make a world of a difference. Mr. Fortman has over 30 years of experience representing franchisee clients through various franchise law matters, and he is prepared to put those years of experience to work for you as well. During that time, he’s represented clients in both State and Federal Courts, as well as in mediations and arbitrations. No case is too tough for us–even if you’ve been turned down by other lawyers who’ve told you your case is too complex to handle, or even unwinnable, you can benefit from reaching out to us and explaining your situation.

Contact Our Experienced Franchise Lawyer Today

The bottom line is that regardless of the franchise law matter you’re facing, your needs are best served with a dedicated Colorado franchise lawyer in your corner. Our goal is to help business owners in Colorado across the United States reach their maximum potential, and you have our pledge to do the same for you as well. Contact Fortman Spann, LLC online today to schedule your initial consultation. We are here to help you in any way we can.

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