Do you ever look back at your life and wish that you had made a different decision or taken another path?

I can answer NO to that question… with a smile!   

I look back to one year ago today when I casually went to FortmanSpann Law Firm to talk with Kelly Spann about a job that I had no experience in.  I was comfortable at my job, but not happy.  The crazy thing is I wasn’t even looking for a job, but a Facebook post sparked a fire that I was missing! I decided to trust my instincts and accepted the job without any hesitation.  

Of course I was nervous after twenty-five years to make a change, but this was my opportunity to take a different path.  I look back on April 30, 2023 as the day I took a risk that resulted in something positive for ME!   

So, I write this to inspire you to take action!    Start by taking small risks before attempting anything too daunting. Maybe it means saying yes to one thing today that would have scared you yesterday. Perhaps it means challenging yourself on something unfamiliar without worrying about being perfect on your first try.    Every little bit counts, so build up slowly until you feel confident enough to take on a bigger challenge.

Unlocking life’s potential isn’t easy – it requires determination, discipline, and bravery. But with the right mindset and approach, there’s no limit to what can be accomplished.  Follow your heart, you are on your way to achieving great things! 

Love, Beth