Update: This case has concluded. We are no longer accepting clients.

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to send out a quick update as to where we stand with the two cases filed against Instant Tax Service. The first case I would like to discuss is the class action filed in St. Louis, Missouri on behalf of Missouri residents. We were successful in obtaining class certification in this case, which is a huge step in the right direction! However, the Court has chosen to limit the class for a couple of reasons. While we fought to have the class contain everyone who ever had their taxes prepared by an Instant Tax Service location in Missouri, the Court determined that the class would consist of only those who had their tax returns prepared by an Instant Tax Service location in Missouri AND received notice from the IRS that the said return(s) were prepare incorrectly, with inconsistencies and/or errors. We are in receipt of a list of all individuals who had their taxes prepared at the St. Louis and Kansas City locations within the prescribed time period. We are in the process of preparing a notice that will go out to each of those individuals explaining that they may have a claim if:

1.They had their tax returns prepared at an Instant Tax Service located in St. Louis and/or Kansas City; and

2.They have since received any communications from the IRS concerning irregularities or inconsistencies on one or more tax returns filed by Instant Tax Service on their behalf.

Therefore, for those of you who had your taxes prepared in St. Louis or Kansas City, you are a member of the class and will continue on in the case but ONLY IF you have received notice from the IRS that those tax returns contained irregularities or inconsistencies.

If you fit this criteria and have not contacted us, we urge you to do so. We have feeling that the majority of our notices will come back as undeliverable.

Which leads us to the second case for everyone throughout the United States of America….Based on the decision in the case in Missouri, the case in Ohio was modified to reflect the same class. However, that case has not yet been decided upon. Therefore, once we receive a ruling on the class certification, we will post another update.

All in all, we have made good progress in this case. We will continue to update you as things progress. Thank you and have a great day!