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Are you a franchisee in Utah facing legal challenges and uncertainties in your franchise business? Look no further. Our dedicated team of franchise lawyers is here to provide you with the expert guidance and support you need. We understand the complexities of franchise agreements, compliance issues, and the unique dynamics between franchisors and franchisees. With our deep knowledge of Utah franchise law, we are committed to protecting your rights, resolving disputes, and helping you navigate the intricacies of franchise operations. Trust in our experience and client-focused approach to ensure your franchise business thrives. Let us be your trusted legal partner in achieving your franchise goals. Contact a Utah franchise lawyer from FortmanSpann, LLC for guidance today.

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Starting Your Franchise in Utah

Some important things franchisees should keep in mind when starting their franchise in Utah are as follows:

  • Utah is not a filing state for franchises, meaning you do not need to register your franchise with the state before offering or selling it.
  • Utah is a business opportunity state, meaning you may need to comply with the Utah Business Opportunity Disclosure Act if your franchise falls under its definition. To avoid this, you can claim an exemption if your franchise is in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Franchise Rule. To do this, you need to file an annual Business Opportunity Exemption with the Utah Department of Commerce’s Division of Consumer Protection and pay a $100 filing fee. You can file the Business Opportunity Exemption online through the Utah Department of Commerce’s website. You will need to create a user login and password, and renew your exemption every year.
  • Utah does not have any specific franchise disclosure laws or franchise relationship laws for business format franchises, so you only need to follow the FTC Franchise Rule for disclosing information to prospective franchisees and maintaining a good relationship with them.

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