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Becoming a franchisee is one of the best ways to live out the American dream. However, you should understand that starting a franchise, as well as running and maintaining it, is no easy undertaking. For this reason, if you are looking to start or grow a franchise in the state of Tennessee, you should absolutely do so with a seasoned Tennessee franchise lawyer in your corner. FortmanSpann, LLC has extensive experience representing clients throughout the state of TN, and we are here to put that experience to work for you as well. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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Whether you’re looking to be your own boss or build something bigger than yourself, becoming a franchisee is a great way to make a living. However, it is always advisable to do so only with the assistance of a competent attorney. Often, franchisors fail to look out for their franchisees, despite the fact that they are in business together. This is why you need to hire an attorney who can safeguard your rights at every turn and best prepare you for the future.

Our Franchise Law Services

Our legal team provides franchisees with a wide range of services pertaining to their businesses. Just some of those services deal with the following:

Starting a Franchise in the State of Tennessee

Starting a franchise in the state of Tennessee is a commendable undertaking, but there are certain things you’ll need to familiarize yourself with before doing so. To start, you should understand that Tennessee is not an FDD state, but the relationships between franchisors and franchisees are regulated under Tennessee’s franchise relationship laws. Some provisions included in those laws are as follows:

  • Franchisors may only limit or disapprove family transfers under a strict set of circumstances.
  • Franchisors may only deny renewal of a franchise agreement under a strict set of circumstances.
  • Franchisors may only terminate franchise agreements under a specific set of circumstances. This includes doing so in good faith, having good cause to do so, and providing the franchisee with notification and a reasonable opportunity to cure in not less than 30 days.

Whether you’re looking to start a franchise or you’re in the midst of a disagreement with your franchisor, FortmanSpann, LLC is here to ensure your rights and business are protected. Contact us today.

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