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Franchisees are among the hardest-working individuals in our society. Being a franchisee, as you know, takes drive, dedication, and a vision. For this very reason. FortmanSpann, LLC takes pride in helping franchisees from all walks of life attain their vision and build themselves a successful business from the ground up. That said, we also have significant experience working with already successful franchisees facing certain disputes with their franchisors or who otherwise require some legal assistance in ensuring their business is as prosperous as possible. No matter the issue at hand, you can feel confident in your choice to turn to a Missouri franchise lawyer from FortmanSpann, LLC. Contact us today so you can tell us your story and we can get working on your case.

Franchise Lawyer Serving Clients in Missouri

We believe that the hard-working men and women who make the bold move to become franchisees deserve strong and dedicated legal representation when it counts. We are here to help you grow your business to help it reach its maximum potential. From the moment we take your case, you will be our top priority.

Our Legal Services

FortmanSpann, LLC handles a wide array of franchise law matters on behalf of our clients, including the following:

  • Franchise Acquisition: Those just starting out looking to purchase and build their franchise should always first speak with a knowledgeable and dedicated franchise lawyer who can inform them of their options and help pave the way for their success.
  • Franchisee Litigation: You may not be surprised to learn that franchisors sometimes violate the terms of their contracts with franchisees or otherwise will behave dishonestly/selfishly by putting their best interests over that of their franchisees. If this is happening to you, you need to hire a competent Missouri franchise lawyer who can help ensure your rights are protected and litigate the matter on your behalf. We have years of experience going head-to-head with franchisors on behalf of our franchisees, and we can put that experience to work for you.
  • Franchisee Associations: Franchisee associations are designed to help franchisees join together and present their concerns to their franchisors. While one franchisee among hundreds doesn’t have the loudest voice, when one hundred franchisees band together and approach their franchisor with certain concerns, the franchisor is much more willing to listen, comply, or compromise. Our firm has years of experience helping franchisees form franchisee associations and bringing their concerns to the attention of their franchisors.

Issues With Your Franchisor? We Can Help.

We believe that every franchisee deserves a fair shake. Unfortunately, franchisors aren’t as interested in the success of each of their franchisees as they are in their bottom line. Often, this causes franchisees to incur undue hardships and can result in a significant and negative impact on their bottom line. If you’re facing any sort of dispute with your franchisor, such as a dispute involving encroachment, breach of contract, or fraud, you can depend on FortmanSpann, LLC to fight for the outcome you deserve. Don’t make the mistake of hiring just any attorney to represent you, hire a Missouri franchise lawyer who has decades of experience representing franchisees when the going gets tough.

Contact Our Seasoned Franchise Attorneys Today

The bottom line is that anyone who runs a franchise deserves quality and aggressive legal representation to help ensure their best interests are protected. Regardless of the facet of franchise law, you can always turn to a knowledgeable franchise law attorney from our legal team to fight for the best outcome possible on your behalf. Contact FortmanSpann, LLC today to schedule your free initial consultation with our skilled legal team.

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