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Starting a Franchise in the State of Iowa

If you’re considering becoming a franchisee in the state of Iowa, you’re most likely eager to jump in and get started. Though this is an exciting time, there is some basic information you should familiarize yourself with first. Some of the most important considerations for starting your franchise in Iowa are as follows:

  • Iowa is not a franchise registration state, which means you do not need to register your franchise or have your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) reviewed by the state authorities before offering or selling franchises in Iowa.
  • Iowa has a business opportunity law that requires business opportunity sellers to make written disclosures to prospective buyers and file an irrevocable consent with the state for service of process. Franchisors can be exempt from this law if they comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s Franchise Rule and deliver a valid FDD to the franchisee in a timely manner.
  • Iowa has a franchise relationship law that protects franchisees from unfair termination, non-renewal, or encroachment by franchisors. The law provides franchisees with a cause of action for monetary damages if their franchisor violates their contractual or statutory rights.
  • Iowa has some industry-specific laws that apply to certain types of franchises, such as alcoholic beverage wholesalers, equipment dealers, gasoline dealers, and motor vehicle dealers. These laws may impose additional obligations or restrictions on franchisors and franchisees in those industries.
  • Iowa allows cities to grant franchises to certain public utility or transit providers for a term of not more than 25 years. These franchises may involve fees or taxes that affect the profitability of the franchisees

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