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If you’re considering becoming a franchisee or you need help facing an issue that has arisen with your franchisor, you can have peace of mind when turning to FortmanSpann, LLC. We have decades of experience helping franchisee clients with the following:

Starting a Franchise in Hawaii

There are several things you should know before you become a franchisee in Hawaii, including the following.

  • The Hawaii Franchise Investment Law (HFIL) requires franchisors to register their franchise disclosure document (FDD) with the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs before offering or selling franchises in Hawaii. The registration fee is $250 and must be renewed annually.
  • The HFIL also protects franchisees from unfair or discriminatory practices by franchisors, such as termination, non-renewal, encroachment, kickbacks, supply restrictions, and waiver of rights. Franchisees have the right to free association, good faith dealing, and reasonable standards of conduct by franchisors.
  • The HFIL allows franchisees to seek damages for violations of the law, as well as attorney’s fees and costs. Franchisees can also request an injunction to prevent further harm by franchisors.
  • The HFIL has some exemptions from the registration requirements, such as certain motor vehicle franchises, sales between financial institutions, sales to existing franchisees, and sales by fiduciaries or court-appointed officials.
  • The HFIL does not apply to franchises that are located outside of Hawaii or where the franchisee is not domiciled in Hawaii. However, franchisors should still comply with federal franchise laws and regulations when offering or selling franchises in other states or countries.

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