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Becoming a franchisee can be a complicated and involved, yet also incredibly rewarding undertaking. That said, you shouldn’t do either without a seasoned Delaware franchise lawyer in your corner who you can trust. Fortunately, you are in the right place. Contact FortmanSpann, LLC today for assistance with any franchise-related matter.

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Franchisees deserve strong legal advocates in their corner who will effectively defend their interests at every turn. FortmanSpann, LLC provides franchisee clients in Alaska with a broad range of legal services, including the following:

Starting Your Delaware Franchise

If you are considering starting a franchise in Delaware, you should take note of the following important rules and regulations:

  • Delaware is a non-registration state, which means that franchisors do not need to register or file anything with the state of Delaware to begin selling franchises. However, they still need to comply with federal franchise laws, such as disclosing a valid Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) to prospective franchisees.
  • The only Delaware law that concerns franchisors and franchisees is the Delaware Franchise Security Law, which comes into play only when a franchisor unjustly terminates or fails to renew an agreement with a franchisee. This law defines what constitutes unjust termination or non-renewal, and provides remedies for the aggrieved franchisees, such as injunctive relief, damages, attorney fees, and costs.
  • The Delaware Franchise Security Law also requires franchisors to provide at least 90 days written notice of termination or non-renewal to the franchisees, unless there is good cause for immediate termination, such as fraud, insolvency, bankruptcy, criminal conduct, abandonment, or failure to pay fees.
  • The Delaware Franchise Security Law does not apply to franchises that are governed by the laws of another state, or franchises that are subject to arbitration or mediation clauses in their agreements.

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