Do You Need a Franchise Lawyer in Ohio?

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While purchasing a franchise can be exciting, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. If you fail to properly conduct your research, you open yourself up to making glaring mistakes and destroying your financial future. Even if you have done some extensive research, you might encounter difficult situations unique to your business or that seem to arise out of nowhere. With all that in mind, you are wondering if you might not benefit from the services of a legal professional. For more information on whether or not you need a franchise lawyer in Ohio, please read on, then contact one of our experienced franchise acquisition attorneys today. Some questions you may have include:

What does a franchise lawyer do in Ohio?

First and foremost, a franchise lawyer is a type of business lawyer that specializes in the legal issues surrounding franchises. If you are planning to buy a franchise, a franchise lawyer can assist you in navigating this process. A franchise lawyer can start by drawing up and revising any of the paperwork you need and if any issues arise regarding payments or procedures, he or she can represent you in negotiations or court.

How do you know if you need a franchise lawyer in Ohio?

If you have any questions or concerns about franchise management, you could start by turning to your lawyer, who knows all the specific laws and regulations related to the opening or running of a franchise. Depending on their precise area of specialization, they may offer you either or both of the following services:

  • Transactional procedures: This area concerns everything from opening and managing the store to assisting with any paperwork or tax questions you may have.
  • Litigation: This area concerns resolving disputes, conducting negotiations and pursuing lawsuits.

Of course, the franchise law attorneys at FortmanSpann, LLC have the experience to handle both transactional and litigation procedures.

What should you expect when working with a franchise lawyer in OH?

After working with your franchise lawyer, you should have an airtight agreement put in place with your franchisor, so that you both understand the services each party will provide to the other and the benefits each party will receive in the partnership. In addition, a franchise lawyer will help you settle any dispute, either by a renegotiation of terms or a lawsuit asking for compensation for damages resulting from a breach of contract. For any issue you may have with your franchise, a franchise lawyer will know the best course of action.

Our firm is here to help you at any stage of the franchise process, so please do not hesitate to give us a call today.

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